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Wireless Usage Instruction
※ Wireless Usage Instruction

The campus wireless local area network (WLAN) was only restricted within some parts of the public areas like the Library and administrative building. The university started to use the email accounts to perform wireless network authorization and join national wide interscholastic wireless network roaming program. Via this interscholastic roaming mechanism, all faculty and students are able to enjoy the convenience of the wireless network while traveling across the different campuses and universities.

Step 1. Click on Start → Settings → Control Panel.
Step 2. Click on Network
Step 3. Right-click on wireless network → click Contents
Step 4. Click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) tab → Contents
Step 5. Enable automatically get IP Address and automatically get DNS server address. Click OK. Attention: Do not set address of IP and DNS yourself!!
Step 6. Back to the original window. Right-click on wireless network. Click View available wireless network.
Step 7. You will have several choices. It is suggested to choose SSID as NSYSU or WaveLan Network or NSYSU_CC_WLAN. Click on AP. And make sure you have gotten an IP already (it shows up on the bottom of left side).
Step 8. Open IE. IE will connect automatically to the homepage of wireless authentication website.
Step 9. You made the connection if the authentication page shows up. Enter your user name and password.
Step 10. Students, staff, and faculty in NSYSU: Please enter your user name and password in Registered Users field. Enter your email account in the user name field and your password when checking email in the password field. The security signal window will pop up again. Click Yes and OK.
The home page of NSYSU will show up. You made the connection!!