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In response to the new coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, adjustments to library services.

NSYSU Library and Information Service

Announcement of the library’s service and strain (COVID-19)


1. Entering the library

I. Due to the epidemic, the library sets a Temperature Taking Station at the front door of the library. The back door, the third floor’s east and west side doors that connect the Management Department and Engineering Department, will be closed. Only the front door will be open for entering and exiting purposes. 

II. Restraining those who body temperature over 37.5℃ from entering the library.

III. Anyone whose body temperature is lower than 37.5℃ but coughs, sneezes, or any respiratory symptoms, please wear a face mask.

IV. Readers who found themselves not feeling well in the library (e.g., feverish, coughing), please contact our staff for assistance.


2. Library’s usage

I. Restraining visitors from entering the library.

II. Stopping the service for touring the library

III. Providing a UV sterilizer on the third floor for the readers.

IV. Encourage the usage of the third floor’s self-checkout service.

V. A 24 hours’ book returning box at the back of our library.

VI. The library will enforce surrounding disinfection; hand sanitizers will be provided at the third-floor entrance, Learning Commons, first floor’s Learning Plaza, and fourth floor’s information counter.


3. Room and Space Loaning 

I. B1 computer room:

i. Please put on face masks.

ii. Hand washing before and after entering the room and using the equipment is encouraged.

iii. Tissue paper and sanitizers will be provided in the place, please clean the keyboard and mouse before using them.

iv. Ventilation equipment are installed in the room. Please turn them on during the period for air circulation.

II. The first floor Study Hall will be opend on 1st June. Please abide by the following instructions:

i. Study Hall on 1st floor is only for Students/ Faculty/ Staff of NSYSU, please show a valid NSYSU cards upon entering the study hall.

ii. Opening Hour: Mon.-Fri. 13:00-22:00, Sat.& Sun. 13:00-17:00

iii. Due to the epidemic, only the front door will be open for entering and exiting purposes.

iv. There are provided hand sanitizer and please put on face masks in the study hall. If you with suspected symptoms, including fever, cough, respiratory illnesses, smell and taste disorders with unknown cause, should go to a doctor as soon as possible, should NOT enter the study hall.

v.Please don't move the chairs and maintain a safe social distance.

III. B1 conference rooms will not be loanable due to the lack of windows and air circulation. As for particular factors, applications will be considered.

IV. Off-campus units are not allowed to loan any spaces in the period.


4. Resources

I. The usage of electronic resources (E-journals, database, E-books) is encouraged, the readers can use it online, self-study.

II. The latest theory, news, and information about COVID-19 can be found in the link below: 



5. Related Links

I. Ministry of Health and Welfare https://www.mohw.gov.tw/mp-1.html

II. NSYSU COVID-19 information platform https://2019-ncov.nsysu.edu.tw/

III. NSYSU Epidemic Prevention - Surrounding Disinfection https://news.nsysu.edu.tw/p/406-1120-226227,r3979.php?Lang=zh-tw


6. Epidemic Prevention Contact 

For library services TEL:07-5252000 ext 2461

For electronic resources usage TEL:07-5252000 ext 2451

For room and space issues TEL:07-5252000 ext 2461


Start Date: 2020-01-19
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