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COVID-19 Prevention Cinema 22nd April - 22nd May 108 Academic Year



 COVID-19 Prevention Cinema 
22nd April - 22nd May 108 Academic Year


Cooperating with the University's epidemic prevention guideline, the original "Popcorn Movie Theater" has been upgraded to "COVID-19 Prevention Cinema". The “COVID-19 Prevention Cinema” is a personal cinema where you can choose and watch your favourite movies and get FREE cokes and popcorn!!!
Take good care of your physical and mental health during the pandemic prevention period, and relax yourself after midterm exam with our new collection of movies.


Event Audience : This activity is limited to students of this University, one person is only eligible for 1 set of snack per day

Event Time : 22nd April - 22nd May 2020;Information Innovation Division Office time

Event Place : Library 4th floor, Information Innovation Division


Event Description:
Please follow the steps below
👉Step 1: Submit your Student ID, then choose your seat and favourite movie.
👉 Step 2: After watching, take back your Student ID and you can claim for snacks at the counter.
👉Step 3: Sign your name after claiming the snacks.


🎁 Event Snacks:
There will be 27 cokes and 77 bags of popcorn available for claim per day,
Please choose 2 items, with 3 options below:
🔺 1 coke and 1 popcorn
🔺 2 cokes
🔺 2 popcorn
There will only be a quota of 52 sets per day, first come first to claim, while supplies last.


🈲Eating and Drinking is Prohibited in library!!!
🈲Do not gather in the dormitory during the epidemic prevention!!!




Organizer: Knowledge Innovation Division
Start Date: 2020-04-22
End Date: 2020-05-22
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