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Distance Learning tools

To meet the needs of our teachers for distance learning courses, we have organized all the commonly used synchronous and asynchronous teaching applications for distance learning. 

We recommend Google Meet and Microsoft for the distance learning tools during epidemic prevention in our school. Teams, the use of Zoom software is not recommended. Considering the various security concerns of the software, it is not recommended.

In addition, according to the Executive Yuan's circular, all public agencies and specific non-public organizations should comply with the video software usage regulations.

The authorities should not use products with information security concerns, such as ZOOM, if they are required to hold remote video conferences for business reasons. Domestic products and items listed in the government co-supply contract should be given priority in the use of the information technology system. If necessary, you must use non-national video software, which is now available free of charge from all major international information service providers during the epidemic. For example, Google, Microsoft, etc., each organization may consider using it for information security risk assessment.

Synchronous online learning tools

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft offers Communication and Collaboration software that integrates chat, video conferencing, document storage, Office 365, and more...
Software Get.
1. (Web version) Please log in with your Office 365 account at https://login.microsoftonline.com, you can operate through the web.
2. (Stand-alone version) Microsoft Teams software download, you can install Teams software locally.
To apply for our school's Office 365 service (with our school's O365 account, you can use Teams software).
Faculty and Staff: Please fill out the "O365 Account Application Form" and contact us at soft@mail.nsysu.edu.tw , ext. 2458
(After the account is set up, you will receive a message from Microsoft Online Services. (Email sent by Team.)
(In accordance with Microsoft's licensing regulations, O365 is authorized only to current faculty and staff.)


Google Meet

Google provides an online meeting chat tool, which allows you to record all the content of the meeting while the meeting is in progress.
Software Get.
1. To apply for an account in G Suite, please go to https://lis.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1001-16167.php
2. With the account login Google, you can open the application program in the browser directly on the meet function, no software installation. .


How to live stream on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/help/1636872026560015
How to live stream on youtube:https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2474026?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en

Adobe connect 

Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.
Provides video, audio, text chat room, private messaging, group discussion room, screen sharing, remote control, whiteboard mode, desktop sharing mode, file sharing, slide show mode, video sharing, etc., with conference recording, conference video editing, conference video sharing.
Software Get..
http://acbook.nsysu.edu.tw (Login with SSO password)

Operating manual: http://connect.eecloud.tw/




Software Get..

1. Campus license version, log in to the Cyber University platform to use. (3 sessions of 100 people each can be held at the same time)
2. Free application for the campus epidemic prevention project period (50 sets), application method: Contact the Academic Affairs Office, Center for Teaching and Learning Development: 2166

Operating manual: https://u.cyberlink.com/support/video-tutorials

Asynchronous online learning

Instructors record teaching videos and upload them to online universities or teacher-run course platform spaces for students to learn after school.


It can also be used purely as an on-screen video recording, and can be saved in mp4 format, which is more versatile.
Software Get..




If you want to see the status of your students during the teacher's live presentation, how to use it?

1.If you are using dual screens, you can put the live tool on one screen and the slide show on the other screen.

2.If you have only a single screen, it is recommended to download Deskpins and set the top of the live tool.



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