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Cyber University

  • https://cu.nsysu.edu.tw
    • 1998: First-ever General Education course conducted via the Internet.
    • 1999: In September, National Sun Yat-sen University established its E-university webpage (Department of Information Management, opened the first distance education credit courses.)
      2001: The Financial Management Exchange and Institute of Communication Management opened its first Master distant education course.
    • 2001: Computer and Network Center dual-credit class certification online master's first commenced.
    • 2001: National Sun Yat-sen University E-university first established on October, 1st. by the executive committee
    • 2002: Mainland China Masters program opened its first online Master of credit classes.
    • 2003: Computer Crisis Centre opened the first phase of Network Security Certification Class (TCIS, TCSE, TCSM).
    • 2008: Updated system functions, and combined with the school administration system, used exclusively for the school curriculum.
    • National Sun Yat-sen University has for many years promoting the experience of online teaching, and online education from the past, where students and teachers must be at sync in order for it to work, but now it is not necessary.  To provide teachers and students better use of the environment and enhance service quality, our net large-scale system was updated in 2008. Features of the original web of large-scale systems are available to other non-school lesson plan business unit for use.

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