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RapidILL Express Document Delivery Service

RapidILL Express Document Delivery Service


  1.  RapidILL Western Journal Document Delivery Service is an international interlibrary cooperation service, mainly providing photocopying services for Western journal documents. Through this service, readers can obtain documents and materials that are not collected by the library of this school.
  2.  RapidILL's cooperative members are committed to providing fast and effective resource-sharing services. There are mainly university libraries in the United States; other member libraries are located in North America, Oceania, and parts of Europe and Asia.


Current NSYSU staff, faculty, and students

Application procedure

  1. Log in to the account: Use the National Sun Yat-sen University Single Sign-On credentials (SSO) to log into the university Library Cloud Service Platform.
  2. Search for Resources: When querying the cloud system, please click on 'Tweak your results' on the left and set it to 'Expand My Result'.
    1. When an article is found but not accessible: Click on 'No Online Access' and use the 'RapidILL Express Document Delivery Service' link. The system will automatically fill in the information in the application form. Ensure the information is correct before submitting the application.
    2. If the desired article cannot be found: You can use the 'Apply for RapidILL Service'. Fill in all the required fields of the 'RapidILL Express Document Delivery Service Request' and submit the application.
  3. Submitting the Application: When applying, the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and the year of the journal are essential information for the application. Journals without an ISSN cannot be applied for.
  4. Pickup at the Library: Once the materials arrive at the library, the applicant will be notified via email. The applicant should bring their student or staff ID and collect the printed materials at the circulation desk on the 3rd floor of the library.
  5. For documents that cannot be obtained through the RapidILL service, after the request is rejected, the applicant should apply on their own via the NDDS National Document Delivery Service according to their needs.

Processing time

When applying through the RapidILL service, it takes about 1-5 working days (with the fastest being within 24 hours). The response time depends on the processing status and delivery method of the providing unit.


  • The Western journal documents obtained through the RapidILL service are provided free of charge.


  • RapidILL can only provide Western journal documents. Books, conference proceedings, and master's or doctoral theses cannot be obtained through this system.
  • To maximize the efficiency of funds, please ensure first that the materials are not available in our university's collection and that they are needed for research or teaching purposes before submitting an application.
  • Due to publisher licensing restrictions, only paper copies can be provided.
  • This application is limited to personal academic research and teaching purposes. Please comply with copyright laws and regulations, and do not distribute or use for commercial purposes.
  • The alliance member libraries are primarily university libraries in the United States. Journal articles published in Europe and Asia are more difficult to obtain.


If you have any questions about RapidILL applications, feel free to contact the Intelligent Operations Group. The internal extension numbers are: 2456, 2421, or you can send an email to ariel@mail.nsysu.edu.tw.