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Dormitory-net Management Measures and Configure Setting Instruction

  1. The dormitory network uses DHCP for automatic connection without the need for IP configuration. Students can simply plug in their network card and cable for instant use. For wireless internet, students must install wireless router on the WAN side.
  2. Any person who resides in the campus dormitory is certainly qualified to use the dormitory-net. Students using the dormitory-net have to have a personal computer (PC), a Network Interface Card (NIC) (RJ-45 interface), and one unshielded twisted pair (UTP)
  3. The total bandwidth for the dormitory network is 4Gbps, with a maximum of 1Gbps for each building. The bandwidth is shared and does not guarantee the highest speed. The speed varies depending on the building, with a minimum available bandwidth of 100Mbps (approximately 80-100Mbps in actual use).

Consultation Services

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