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Endnote download&manual


National Sun Yat-sen University Office of Library and Information Services Reference Service Division | EMAIL

Download Endnote bibliographic management tool 

Windows latest release: Endnote 21

Mac latest release: Endnote 21

Usage guidelines


  1. Our school has purchased the EndNote references management tool in 2011 which is provided for students. Before using the tools, make sure you have downloaded and installed it.
  2. Please download according to your selected operating system and required version.
  3. Before you start to install the software, please close Microsoft Word and email software.
  4. After successfully installing the software, the EndNote toolbar will be displayed on the top of Microsoft Word software.

  5. After downloading the EndNote for Windows software, please unzip and it will generate two files, ENXInst.msi and License.dat, put them into the same folder, and then run ENXInst.msi to install, no need to enter the license code or serial number.

  6. If the EndNote 20 toolbar does not appear in Microsoft Word after installing EndNote 20 for Windows, please go to the following path and run the following program:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote 20
    Run “Configure EndNote.exe”.

    Note: if you’re using a 32-bit system, the path may be:
    C:\Program Files\EndNote 20.



EndNote Community (English)

EndNote Training Resources


  1. Only the faculty, staff, and students of National Sun Yat-sen University can use the Single Sign-on account to download the software.
  2. Please obey the rules and copyright notice when using it, so as not to violate the law and affect the rights of all users.
  3. Latest News:
    • Additional: Regarding EndNote: Big Sur compatibility information, if users use computers with M1 chips, please refer to the following instruction to set up:
    • Some users who use M1 machines report an error message that appears in the Word add-in extension. The solution is to implement the Rosetta emulator.
      • Close the EndNote and Word;
      • Open Finder >Select Word. Please note that you only need to click Word to select->Go to “File”> “Info”;  Check the “Open using Rosetta” check box:
      • Open Word, it will run in Rosetta, and you will no longer see the error message.

※ More Information please see Endnote Support.