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The University Library is located at the central area of campus with a spectacular view of the Kaohsiung Harbor and Mount Chaishan. Occupying the 2nd to the 10th floor of the Info-Library Building, the Library has an area of 17,854 square meters, providing 1280 reading seats. Facilities for study and research include: a reading room of 80 seats, 9 seminar rooms for group study and instruction and 161 study carrels for individual use. Multi-media material such as DVD, VCD, CD-ROM, Audio-video tapes and cassettes are available for use with equipments provided.

The Library features in-depth collections and materials to support teaching, learning, and research of the University. The scope of collections ranges in liberal arts, natural sciences, engineering, management, marine sciences and social sciences. In addition, the Library serves as a designated depository library with full coverage of government publications. To-date, the Library subscribes to approximately 3000 current journals and houses over 582,000 volumes of books and bound periodicals.

The Library is keeping pace with tremendous expansion of information technology, both in terms of electronic resources and in the daily automation operations of the Library. As a part of the campus-wide infrastructure, the library automation system is accessible from every nook of the campus. Users are able to consult bibliographic information, searching CD-ROM databases as well as a wide variety of online fulltext journals through their personal computers.

The Library provides traditional and innovative services to users by various technological means. From publications selection, acquisition and cataloging, reference guidance, database search, to operation of equipment and identification of network resources, professional and experienced staff members are committed to meeting the needs of the academic community of the University.