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Floor Plans

All library materials are housed on the 2nd to the 10th floor according to the nature of subject fields.

Each book is assigned a call number which is an unique address label to locate the item. Eastern language books adopt the call numbers by using the Chinese Classification System while western language books using the Library of Congress Classification System.

All periodicals are arranged in sequence of numbers. The Eastern language periodicals are arranged by the number of strokes of the Chinese character and the western language periodicals are arranged by the alphabetical order.


  • 8F

    • Eastern Languages Books: Statistics, Education, Economy, Finance, History& Geography, Literature, Arts
    • Western Languages Books: Commerce, Finance&Management
    • Study Rooms, Discussion Rooms, Cell phone Use Room
  • 7F

    • Eastern Languages Books: AppliedScience, Polity, Law& Military
    • Western Languages Books: Economics, Sociology, Polity, Law, Education& Military
    • Back Issues: Social Sciences & Management
    • Korean Languages Special Collection
    • Study Rooms, Discussion Rooms
  • 6F

    • Western Languages Books: Psychology, History, Social Sciences, Music, Literatures, Technology & Science
    • Chinese Back Issues: Humanities
    • Musical Scores
    • Study Rooms, Discussion Rooms
  • 5F

    • Eastern Languages Books: Philosophy, Religion & Sciences & Si Ku Quan Shu
    • Current Issues
    • NSYSU Theses & Dissertations
    • Newspapers
    • Study Rooms, Photocopy
  • 4F

    •  Information and Resources Services, Information Access Area, AV and Media Resources Center, Reference Collection, Course Reserves and Faculty Publication Area, Audiovisual Room , Information Commons
    • Study Rooms, Discussion Rooms, Photocopy
  • 3F

    • Circulation Services, Self-checkout System, Course Reserves, Information Access Area, Sorting Room, Learning Commons, New Arrivals, Galley Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Services, Kwang-Chung Yu’s Archival Exhibition, Food Friendly Zone, Photocopy
  • 2F

    • Seminar Room
    • Software Engineering Division Office, Strategic Planning Division Office, Information Security Division Office
  • 1F

    • Study Hall, Learning Plaza
  • B1

    • Meeting Rooms, Seminar Room
    • Computer Classrooms