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Q1.I did not receive my library notice, can I not pay my fine?


The rules and regulations had stated the amount of books one can loan and the time one can loan them, plus, our staffs will notify you verbally after you loan the books. There is also a duedate notify board and stamp to remind you then duedate. The E-mail is just a notification and one should not use it as an excuse for not paying the fine.

You should check your library account online for your own reference and make sure your E-mails are up-to-date.

Q2.How is the fine culculated?


  1. Normal Books: 5NTD per day each
  2. Course Reserves: 5NTD per hour each
  3. Seminar Rooms: 5NTD per hour each
  4. Study Carriars: 5NTD per hour each (daily loan ones), or 100NTD per day each (monthly loan ones)
The fine for days (or hours) duirng holidays, public holidays and non-opening days will not be counted.