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  1. From now on, the staff and students of our school can sign in through a single account, and can use the SSL-VPN connection service to provide users of our school in the off-campus network environment, which is convenient for using on-campus services.
  2. Three VPN servers are provided for remote connection use from now on, using the same method and rules
    Server name Server address Number of online users (every 3 minutes) Suggested use Number of people who can connect
    VPN vpn.nsysu.edu.tw 35
    1. Recommend colleagues to use first
    2. Prohibit school login
    VPN2 vpn2.nsysu.edu.tw 1 Backup 100
    VPN3 vpn3.nsysu.edu.tw 13
    1. Recommend students to use first
    2. Open school login

  3. For related questions, please contact this office (extension: 2512 Mr. Guo), or send a letter toptko@mail.nsysu.edu.tw for inquiries.
    *Windows 7 versions cannot be installed and used via VPN because Microsoft no longer supports security updates. Please change other operating systems or connection methods (such as mobile phones)
    *Please refer to the installation instructions below first, VPN must go through the installation program, dial-up connection process

    *Please be sure to read the relevant details according to your identity
    *The connection time is limited to 120 minutes, and the idle time is limited to 30 minutes. You need to dial again after disconnection