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Books Searching Service

Books Searching Service
If the books that are in the statues of [CHECK SHELF] or [IN THE SORTING room], but you still could not find them on their shelf, and you need it urgently, what can you do? (Books Searching Process Diagram)

1.    Please go to the 3rd-floor front desk, and fill in the information of the books or journals that you need in [Books Searching Record].
2.    We will help you to look for the books three times, the day after you fill in the form, two weeks after that, and a month after that.

If the book has not been found in the third search, the status of the book will be changed to [SEARCHING], if the search still continues after six months but still could not be found, the status will be changed to [MISSING], we will record the book down in our lost book rebuy list and let Strategic Planning Division handle the lists.

3.    If we manage to find the books, we will reserve the book for the readers and send out a notification to them to get the books at the 3rd-floor front desk.

4.    Due to the limited manpower, this service is mainly for the faculties and students in our university.

Implementer: Intelligent Operations Division,
Books Searching: (07)525000~2423/2426,
Mail: cirlib@mail.nsysu.edu.tw

Journal and Thesis Searching: (07)525000~2425/2426,
Mail: cirlib@mail.nsysu.edu.tw