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Regulations & Rules


  1. Regulations on Information Security and Intellectual Property Rights Committee

Library Services

  1. Regulations for Access to the Library (update_20170614)
  2. Regulations for Management of Readers’ Violations (update_20150814)
  3. Service Charge Standards (update_20110518)
  4. Library Guidelines on Usage of Audiovisual and Multimedia Materials (update_20150814)
  5. Regulations for Discussion Rooms(update 20210621)
  6. Regulations for Study Carrel(update 20210621)
  7. Thesis Management Regulations(update_20200429)
  8. Regulations for Learning Plaza(update_20150914)
  9. Office of Library and Information Services Place Use and Charge Policy(update_20110119)
  10. Regulations for Course Reserves(update_20161221)
  11. Guidelines on Disposal of Library Collection(update_20140529)

Information Services

  1. Regulations for Internet Network Use on Campus (update_20150720)
  2. Regulations of Email Usage Management (update_20150720)
  3. Regulations on Information Ethics (update_20150806)
  4. Regulations for Internet Network in Student Dormitories (update_20150720)
  5. Regulations for On-Campus Wi-Fi Usage (update_20150720)
  6. Regulations on Usage of Campus Smart Telecommunications Network Voice over IP Phones (update_20150814)
  7. Guidelines on Governing the Collection and Reimbursement of Computer Facility and Internet Resource Utilization Fees (Update20151007)
  8. Guidelines on Cloud Service Hire Charge and Expenditures Verification (update_20200306)
  9. Information Service Interruption and Recovery Processing Operation Procedure(20151008)
  10. Guidelines on Campus Internet Protocol and Domain name(update_20211206)
  11. Guidelines on Public Computers and Computer Classroom(update_20211206)
  12. Regulations for Data Center(update_20211206)