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Knowledge Innovation Division

Title Name Email Tel Substitute
Director Kuei-ying Huang popoATmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2450 First order:Sheng-Chuan Wang
Second order:Mei-huei Wang
Third order:Hsiu-wen Sun
Software Engineer Mr. Shih pinkuangATmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2457 First order:
Second order:
Officer     2525 First order:Ms. Lyu
Second order:Ms. Yeh
Administrative Officer Ms. Yeh jlyaATmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2423 First order:
Second order:Mr. Ting
Administrative Officer Mr. Ting jimmytineATmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2458 First order:
Second order:Ms. Lyu
Software Engineer   - 2547 First order:
Second order:Mr. Shih
Administrative Officer Ms. Lyu yinglyuATmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2459 First order:Mr. Ting
Second order:
Administrative Officer Ms. Huang yuanwork790017ATmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2455 First order:Ms. Yeh
Second order:
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