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Information Security Division

Title Name   Email Tel / Voip Substitute
Director Tzung-Je Lee Tzung-Je Lee tjlee@llunee.nsysu.edu.tw 2510/4143 First order:Hsiu-Wen Sun
Second order:Kuei-Ying Huang
Third order:Ling-Yuan Wang
Associate Technical Sepcialist Sheng-Chuan Wang Sheng-Chuan Wang scwang@llunmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2515 / 93452515 First order:Chung-Chieh Tsao
Second order:Chih-Cheng Chen
Assistant Technician Chong-yu Huang Chong-yu Huang locustyo@llunmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2522 / 93452522 First order:Ying-Chin Chen
Second order:Yu-Jen Su
Research Assistant Chung-chieh Tsao Chung-chieh Tsao samtsao@llunmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2517 / 93452517 First order:Sheng-Chuan Wang
Second order:Chih-Cheng Chen
Research Assistant Chih-Cheng Chen Chih-Cheng Chen jarvis@llunmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2500 / 93452500 First order:Sheng-Chuan Wang
Second order:Chung-Chieh Tsao
Research Assistant Shu-Wei Yang Shu-Wei Yang j1043479@llunmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2519 / 93452519 First order:Chih-Cheng Chen
Second order:Chung-Chieh Tsao
Research Assistant Ying-Chin Chen Ying-Chin Chen jeanchen@llunmail.nsysu.edu.tw 2509 / 93452509 First order:Chong-yu Huang
Second order:Shu-Wei Yang
Research Assistant Yu-Jen Su Yu-Jen Su sylvia0922@mail.nsysu.edu.tw 2515 / 93452515 First order:Sheng-Chuan Wang
Second order:Chong-yu Huang
Research Assistant Tzu-Jung Huang Yu-Jen Su huangali@mail.nsysu.edu.tw 2518 / 93452518 First order:Sheng-Chuan Wang
Second order:Shu-Wei Yang



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