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How can I borrow the CDs or other attachments that come with the books?

You can complete the borrowing procedure at the circulation desk. You can first check the library catalog to see if the library has collected any attachments for a specific book (such as disks, CDs, booklets, etc.). For example, if the catalog shows "Location" as the circulation desk, and the call number ends with the letters "CD" and the barcode ends with a capital letter (e.g., E411111A), it indicates that the record corresponds to an attachment of a particular book, stored at the circulation desk. If you want to borrow it, you can proceed to the circulation desk to complete the borrowing process. Each book attachment is counted as part of the total loan count. For instance, university students may borrow up to 30 items. If you borrow 1 book with 2 CD attachments, you can still borrow 27 more items from the library.
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