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Can reference books be borrowed?

Reference books are for in-library use only.
Reference books collect relevant facts or discussions and are arranged in a specific way for easy access. Common types of reference books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, statistical data, compilations of laws and regulations, and others such as bibliographies, indexes, abstracts, classifications, yearbooks, chronologies, atlases, directories, and handbooks. Due to their nature as tools for reference and research, they are limited to in-library use only.
The library also provides a section called "Course Reserves," where teaching faculty, before the start of each semester, may designate relevant books held by the library as reference materials for their courses. These designated books are placed in the "Course Reserves" section for a specific period and are limited to in-library use for students' reference and study. Some of the designated reference books, placed at the service desk on the 3rd floor, can be read in the library for four hours. If you wish to borrow them, please inquire at the service desk on the 3rd floor.
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