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I found a book in the library catalog, but its location is listed as B2. How can I borrow this book?

The B2 book stack is managed in a closed system, and readers cannot access the books directly. Assistance from library staff is required to retrieve books from this closed stack. Additionally, the closed stack usually contains books with low circulation rates, rare materials, older editions, or duplicate copies. Before requesting retrieval, please ensure that there are no other copies or newer editions of the book you need on other floors of the library.

To request retrieval:

(1) For faculty, staff, and students of our university: Please submit a retrieval request through the "Book Retrieval and Interlibrary Loan Application System."
(2) For non-affiliated readers: You may visit the circulation service desk on the 3rd floor of the library and fill out the "Closed Stack Retrieval Form," or download the form and complete it. Afterward, please email the form to cirlib@mail.nsysu.edu.tw.

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