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I found a book on the library catalog, but I can't find it on the shelf.

Please first check if the status of the book in the library catalog is "available ..."
Please make sure you are looking in the correct location based on the call number, and search the shelves around, above, and below.
The book might be in use by other readers or has not been returned to the shelf after use. Please also check the nearby reading tables, photocopying area, and book carts.
If you still can't find the book in the above locations, please go to the "Shelving books area" next to the exhibition room on the third floor. The book might have been recently returned and not yet shelved.
If the book is not found in the "To Be Shelved" area either, please go to the small platform near the counter on the third floor and fill out a book search request form. Library staff will assist in the search and promptly notify you of the search result.
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