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Overview of Resources of the Library and Information Service

2022 Library and information services Guide for Freshman (video)
How to enter the library

Get to the third floor through the staircase located at the main entrance.
1F to 3F

People with disabilities may instead take the elevator located next to the water fountain to reach the third floor.

Please make sure you have your student card with you. At the entrance gate on the third floor, tap your student card on the black colored card reader located near the top right area to enter the library.
Eating is forbidden in the library. Please do not bring any drinks or food inside.


What Facilities does the Library offer?
  • Public Computers: There are computers on each floor to help you access the library’s resources.
  • Printing Service The library provides photocopying and printing service, you can purchase printing card at the Circulation Desk located on the 3rd floor.
  • UV sterilizer: There is a UV sterilizer located on the 3rd floor across the Circulation Desk. You can put in books to sterilize them and browse then safely.
  • Self-service lending machine: There is a self-service lending machine on the 3rd floor opposite to the Circulation Desk, you can operate it after scanning with your student card.
Start Date: 2020-01-19
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