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Staff: Official staff, administrative assistant, research assistant, project assistant, garrison, office worker.

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Library Resource Borrowing Rules
  1. Borrowing Allowance:30 items.
  2. Loan Periods:30 days.
  3. Reservation:each staff can reserve up to 5 items.
  4. Renewal:
    1. Books can be renewed online once, this is providing another borrower has not requested the same book.
    2. If the same book is requested by another borrower, borrowing period will be shortened and book must be returned within 14 days. You will be notified through e-mail.
  5. See details Maximum Checkouts
Intelligent Operations Division(2426)
Multimedia Services
  • Please use the staff ID card to borrow videos in the audiovisual area, during the opening hours of the Knowledge Innovation Division.
Knowledge Innovation Division(2458)
My Library Account
  • Login to modify personal information, renew books online, reserve books, etc
Intelligent Operations Division(2426)
Interlibrary Loan
  1. NDDS(National Document Delivery Service)
  2. Interlibry Loan
Intelligent Operations Division(2456)
Intelligent Operations Division(2422)
Electronic Resources
  • E-Book、Database、E-Journal
Knowledge Innovation Division(2451)
E-mail Services
  • 1GB/member
Information Security Division(2522)
Network Information
  1. Cyber University
  2. Cloud Service
Knowledge Innovation Division(2525、2459)
Intelligent Operations Division(2523)
Recommend A Book Purchase
  1. Professional books :purchase request can be submitted to each deparment
  2. General books:can be requested through application system if within specified quota
  3. Journal Database: Cooperate with the annual renewal operation, and deliver it to the library within the specified time.
Strategic Planning Division(2411)
Software Provided by Campus
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10, Microsoft Office, Antivirus, SAS、IBM SPSS Statistical Software, etc.
  • Software is liscensed by University available for faculty members and students use.
Knowledge Innovation Division(2457、2458)