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Application Qualifications:

Graduates from University and Graduate School.

Application method:

After downloading and filling in the「Library Certificate Application Form」submit it to the 3rd-floor service desk of the library, or mail it to the “Intelligent Operations Division, Office of Library and Information Services, National Sun Yat-sen University, 70 Lianhai Road, Kaohsiung City”.

Necessary documents and fees:

  1. a copy of the graduation certificate
  2. original student ID (if not available, a separate library card) or 1-inch photo, and a 100-yuan certificate fee payment receipt (the original student ID can be waived as a student ID) )
  3. A deposit of 3,000 yuan (with full-time teachers or school staff as guarantors are exempt from payment) receipts.

The license fee and deposit payment methods: 

  1. Please print the payment slip on the online payment system by yourself to Taiwan Bank or a convenience store for payment (handling fee will be charged) or transfer by ATM.
  2. Note: The payment types of security deposit and certificate production fee are " Friends of the Library Guarantee " and " Annual Friends of the Library " respectively. 
  3. For details, please refer to the payment method description "How to use the online payment system of National Sun Yat-sen University "

Application for margin refund:

  1. Application method: Please fill in the" refund deposit application form "with the " margin receipt (for applicants who apply for a library card before April 107) " issued by the school accounting unit, and submit it to the library's service desk on the 3rd floor, or mail it to the above list address. (If you lost the original margin receipt, please attach: "Lost Original Margin Receipt Cut-off Form "). For related questions, please contact the telephone number: 07-525-2000 # 2421.
  2. ※ If you have accumulated overdue processing fees and compensation, you must settle it first. Otherwise, the deposit will not be returned . 
  3. Refund method: Return the deposit in accordance with the school's accounting procedures (not the cash on-site). If you provide a Taiwan bank or post office account, you can waive the handling fee. If you need to transfer money across the bank, the remittance will be borne by the refunder.


Use rights

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Library Resource Borrowing Rules
  1. Borrowing Allowance: 10 items.
  2. Loan Periods:30 days.
  3. Renewal:
    1. Books can be renewed online once, this is providing another borrower has not requested the same book.
    2. If the same book is requested by another borrower, borrowing period will be shortened and book must be returned within 14 days. You will be notified through e-mail.
  4. See details Maximum Checkouts
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