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Enter the library

Q1.How to enter the library if you're from outside the university?


You just have to register at the desk and give us your card in change for library's entry card. You could use ID card, driving license, health insurance IC card (must have photos on it), passport or student ID card.


Q2. Is it OK to bring backpack or foods into the library?


Readers from outside the school have to put their foods, beverages, backpack and bags at the front desk (it's on the left side) and please remember to bring valuable stuff with you.


Q3. How to set up a personal password and changing the E-mail Address?


We have set up a preset password for our readers. Please look at http://dec.lib.nsysu.edu.tw/patroninfo*cht  for details.
If you have any questions about setting the pass or changing the E-mail Address, please come to the 3rd of the library or contact the front desk through (07)5252000 Ext.2426 There will be a staff at your service