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Wireless Usage Instruction

SSID: eduroam

For teachers and students of this school and to join eduroam units

Account number: XXXX@wifi.nsysu.edu.tw (XXXX is a single-sign-on account .Account Enquiries: https://sso.nsysu.edu.tw)

Password: Single-sign-on password (student password is course selection system password)

Before using eduroam for the first time, please login to https://sso.nsysu.edu.tw to reset your password at the Personal Settings section.

SSID: TANetRoaming

Use web login . If you do not open the login screen automatically, please open the browser manually. 
Enter the URL : https://wifiauth.nsysu.edu.tw/captiveportal/ruckus2/index.htm

For visitors , please click "status" .