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Campus Software Services FAQ

Campus Software Services regarding graduation, leaving campus and resignation

Q1.Can one still use VPN after his/her graduation or resignation from NSYSU?

Ans:No. VPN is only available for faculties, staff and students during the period of their employment or study in NSYSU.

Q2. After leaving school, can one still conduct KMS authentication?

Ans:No. KMS authentication can only be conducted in the field covered with campus internet. One who has graduated or left school cannot conduct the process.

Q3. What campus software services will be provided after graduation?

Ans:For the newly graduates, please consult Ms. 閻鈤菁in 智域資訊股份有限公司for further information regarding operating systems and Office software. (07-7235248). As to other software for which the serial number would be provided by NSYSU, they can be used once you activate before graduation. There is no need to make extra purchase.

Office LIS would post news regarding how graduates purchase software around every April or May. If newly graduates are in need, please do pay attention to our updated news.

Microsoft Campus software services

Q1.How do I activate my Microsoft software?


According to the regulation of Microsoft, Windows7, 8, 10 only provide KMS authentication in the campus. One will need to re-conduct the authentication every 180 days. If your operating system is Windows 7, 8 or 10, please click the right button on the mouse and choose 「Run as administrator」 while activating KMS authentication, and follow the rest steps will do.

Campus software services might alter every year, please pay attention to the updated news on our website.


Other Campus Software Services

Q1. Can Matlab, SPSS and PowerCam be used outside of campus?

Ans:Matlab and SPSS are limited to the campus. PowerCam can be used in other places after installation.

Q2.What serial numbers of software does NSYSU provide?

Ans:Type in your student ID number and password on the website of https://ngftp.nsysu.edu.tw/enindex.php then the serial number will be displayed.

VPN Connection

Q1. After logging in VPN, why can’t I download the software that school provides?


Please log in VPN in IE system. After typing in your student ID number/faculty number and password, click “start” to commence the connection in Network Connect. You will find a glittery design that states “successful connection” down the lower right of the screen, in the meanwhile, the school will issue an IP. Please value your time since the connection lasts only for 2 hours.