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Cyber University

Q1.How to access CU if I forgot my password?


  1. Make sure you can log in the course selection system (http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/). If you have logged on the course selection system successfully , please try your account and password on the Cyber University again.
  2. If you have forgotten your password, and have previously registered for the self service password reset, click here for a new password: https://sso.nsysu.edu.tw/index.php/passport/forget.
  3. Follow the SSO forget password page, it'll send you the reset link to your student email address.
    forget pw
  4. If you also forgot your Student email password, please contact the system administrator (#2522) or follow the step here: https://email.nsysu.edu.tw/student/forgotPassword/firstStage.php

    email password reset
    email pw reset
    email pw reset

Contact us:nscu@mail.nsysu.edu.tw