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How to log in to the Library Cloud Service Platform?

Reader Type Card Number/Account Password Description
NSYSU Faculty, Staff, Students (including suspended graduate students) NSYSU Single Sign-On Account If you want to change your password or personal information, please go to the Single Sign-On portal for modification.
  • For new students enrolled in the 112 Academic Year, a student ID card is required for borrowing books.
Part-time/Adjunct Faculty with Library Borrowing Privileges NSYSU Single Sign-On Account
Alumni, Retired Faculty and Staff, Friends of the Library, etc. ID Number + Supplementary Code Before first login, please change your password via Off-Campus Reader Password Change Page.
  • Password Change
    Page Account: ID@cloud.nsysu.edu.tw
  • Default Old Password Field: Same as ID

After password change, log in to the Library Account using your ID
Example: Reader ID is A12345678

  • For Password Change Page, please use Account: A12345678@cloud.nsysu.edu.tw
    Default Password: A12345678 (same as ID)
  • Library Login Page ID: A12345678
    Password: Changed password
The supplementary code for the first issuance is 0, for the second issuance is 1, and so on.
Prospective Graduate Students ID Number No supplementary code is required for ID number.
VIPs, Interlibrary Loan Individual Applicants from Six Universities, Collaborative Teaching Program Participants NSYSU Library Borrowing Card Barcode Please use the barcode obtained from your issued card as your card number.

If you are unable to log in, please send an email to cirlib@mail.nsysu.edu.tw with your name, student ID, and ID number.
Alternatively, you can call (07) 525-2000 ext. 2426 or 2427, and we will assist you in retrieving the relevant information.

Start Date: 2020-01-19
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