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Discussion Room

1. Discussion Room can be booked through iSpace Booking System

2. Application:Any NSYSU faculty that would use to do research or teaching can apply.

3. Discussion Room:Each discussion room consists of television, desk and chair, white board and white board marker. 

討論室內部 4樓討論室 7樓討論室
Floor   Number Capacity
Limited Reservation
1st Floor 1A、1B 6-8  People 2 People
4th Floor 4A、4B、4C 6-12 People 5 People
6th Floor 6A、6B 3-6  People 2 People
7th Floor 7A、7B 3-6 People 2 People
8th Floor 8A、8B 3-6 People 2 People

4. Limitation of Reservation And Usage

  • Reservation are counted per hour. The maximum hours of reservation are 4 hours.
  • Discussion room of1 st floor and 6-8 th floor need at least 3 people to make reservation
    while 4 th floor need at least 5 people.
  • Readers can make reservation before 14 days,maximum time of reservation is 16
    hours. Key in at least 2 or 5 people ID number that share the room to make reservation.
    One ID number can only made one reservation at the same period.
  • During the time reserved, 2 to 5 members that make reservation with their lending
    permission in order to access by suing their card. While using discussion room, card is
    needed to enter and exit. If couldn’t check in after 15 minutes of reservation time,
    system will automatically make the room available for other user.
  • You may leave the room temporary. However if it exceeds 20 minutes, system will
    automatically make the room available for other users.
  • If no one reserved the room that you’re currently using, you may renew the room by
    making reservation at card reader 20 minutes before ending period. The maximum hour
    that are available to extend reservation is 2 hours.
  • Reservation will be cancelled if any reservation member couldn’t make it before 30
    minutes of reservation time for some reason.

5.Violating Rules And Regulations Treatment Method

  • If violate rules below accumulatively for 3 times, usage rights will be stop for 30days.:
  • Exchange or transfer the rights of usage to others
  • Smoking, eating, making noises and performing any inappropriate actions
  • Doesn’t keep the room clean after using it
  • Take book without borrowing it
  • Doesn’t arrived after making reservation
  • Causing damaged to equipment inside discussion room. (all right will be stop
    for 30 days immediately and full responsible are needed to pay)
  • Unavailable to clear all personal belongings.(our unit will removed it and will
    not take any responsibility)

6. Additional Notes

  • Confirmation email will be sent out for succeed reservation. Please go to NSYSU
    SSO system if wanting to change your email so mail will be sent to you successfully.
  • Do not take in any other device from other room without any permit. If any damage was
    caused due to inappropriate usage, users shall pay full responsible.
  • Users should remove all personal belongings before the reservation time end. For those
    who failed to remove their items, our unit will remove it and will not take any
  • Valuables should be carried anywhere without leaving it inside discussion room. Any
    lost won’t be taken responsible.
  • When the discussion room is needed to be clean, stuff members are allowed to walk in
    without any permissions from the users.
  • Users must borrow books from the library before bringing in to the discussion room.
    Books will be returned if proper lending wasn’t made.
  • Rights to take back discussion room at anytime exist if needed.

People needed

for reservation

2 People(1st Floor、6th-8th Floor
5 People(4th Floor
Shortest Time
for Reserving
1 Hour
Longest Time
for Reserving
4 Hours
Maximum Hours
of Reservation
Within 14 Days
16 Hours
Period Available
for Reserve
14 Days
Check In
Within 15 Minutes
Renew 1 Time
Maximum Hours
of Renewing
2 Hours
Delay Due To
Temporary Leaving
20 Minutes