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Library related forms

  1. Power of Attorney for Graduate Thesis Publications (update1508)
  2. Application Form for Friends of the NSYSU Library (update 150812)
  3. Application Form for Retired Faculty and Staff at NSYSU Library (update 150812)
  4. Course Reserves Request Form(update 200707)
  5. NSYSU Application for Library Card for Visitor(update 150812)
  6. NSYSU application of library card for assistant, distinguished and short-term research fellow(update 150818)
  7. NSYSU Library Card Request Form for Faculty or Staff Family Members(update 150818)
  8. NSYSU Library Deposit Refund Application(update 150812)
  9. NSYSU Library return deposit affidavit(update 150818)
  10. NSYSU Library Surveillance System Request the Video Application Form(update 150812)
  11. NSYSU Library Temporary Card Application Form for New Graduate Student(update 150804)
  12. School-Leaving Procedure Affidavit(update 150818)
  13. Research Project Books Purchase List(update 200707)
  14. NSYSU Library「Books in Process」Application Form(update 200707)

Location and other service forms

  1. Email Account Application (update1508)
  2. WWW2 server web-space apply form (update1508)
  3. Conference Room Application (update1508)